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By Yusuf Baboshia


Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi party and chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945. He was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria on April 20th 1889 and died on April 30th 1945. He was known as one of the world’s most notorious dictators of all time. Adolf Hitler rose to the position of a leader in Germany when the country was going through crises which were directly the consequences of World War I. This crises Hitler swore to heal by all means possible as he believed Germans were born to lead and not be led. However, his burning ambition led to the worst war in the history of man and many atrocities the world cannot forget in a hurry.

He felt Germany was humiliated and treated unfairly by the winning team after the World War I as most of the blame for starting the war was accorded to her and thus, she owed the winning side reparations.[i] This grudge he nursed and was determined to make German great again through his strategy of expansion and cleansing the country of non-indigenes. He always displayed a deep devotion to his German heritage and believed that the Germans were a special race known as the “Aryan race” that was meant to succeed and lead the world. He loathed the Jews greatly and believed that they betrayed Germany and sold it out during World War I thus leading to its defeat. The Jews to Hitler were the cause of every bad happening in Germany including violence, corruption and the decline in Germany’s position in the international community.

Hitler and his Nazi regime were responsible for killing an estimated number of about 6 million Jews through systematic killing methods such as abduction and starvation, sporadic shooting and lethal gas chambers. Also, an estimated number of about 19 million civilians were killed under his regime. Also, millions of soldiers gave their lives up during the World War II. Hitler’s policies brought lots of suffering to both soldiers and civilians. Infact, many today use the word “evil’ to describe his regime. On April 30th, 1945, Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth with a pistol and afterwards his body was carried to the gardens of the Reich Chancellery and burnt.[ii]


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