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Nigeria was and can never be termed a country! This statement of mine clarified itself in the chain of my thoughts some few years back, when I became an ardent student of history…. The last I checked, a people earn the right to to be termed a Nation or Country when they all agree on one common goal, when they are all headed towards a definite direction and when the sole reason for their coming together is to unite as an unbroken chord that would stand strong, never falling apart..
Nigeria was a falsified document signed by some Businessmen and Colonialists who were on a mission to expand their business and national empire in foreign lands.
Hitherto, they were ignorant of this land they came to conquer, the people that inhabited its terrain, their culture, tradition, heritage and how they economically, politically and socially organized their lives.
Nevertheless, the words welling from my within are difficult to conjure into a sweet and appealing message to mark the so called 59 years of independence. It has been brewing as a tornado ready to explode.
After all these years, we have yet to discover our destiny as an Entity. One thing led to another, colonialism paved the way for imperialism and an international capitalist system which has done little or nothing to advance the course of development in Nigeria and other Third world/Global South Countries.
A country is never independent when it still depends on loans , foreign aids and grants to fuel her economic survival, which only tends to impoverishment. It is never independent when it practices a system of government alien to the ways of life in her within. For democracy itself has proven over and over again not to be the answer to the chaos and disunity in Nigeria.
The root of all these mess in Nigeria stems from a faulty foundation which dates back to the early 1900’s when some documents and pacts were signed, thus leading to the artificial creation of an Entity called Nigeria, only on paper, but not in the real sense of the word. This fraudulent creation was birthed by Frederick Luggard and His cohorts to ease the business operations and advance the economic interests of the then British Empire.
This essay is not a intended to fuel secessionist tendencies which has already taken roots in the hearts and minds of many Nigerians, especially the vibrant, charged up and enlightened youths who are angry with this Entity, first for the lack of job, neglect, corruption and their many likes. It had in fact taken root since the Biafran war and it is currently being advanced by various groups in the country as a solution to the killings and blood sheds.
For it is high time to seek answers to the national question about our existence as a People. When two people cannot agree together or submit to one another, they automatically part ways and discontinue their affairs.
I stopped celebrating independence some few years back in my level 100 at the university when my History Lecturer Dr Mrs. Olagbemiro exposed our minds to the faults and errors that led to the creation of the Land mass called Nigeria, which was coined from an unknown name with a meaning that can only be vividly interpreted by Mrs Flora Shaw.
Since that exposition, I became an attentive student of history, listening attentively as it taught me how Nigeria as a forced marriage of diverse Nations has simply not worked from 1914 to 2019. It has been a massive failure, one of the most fatal merging ever accomplished. The chaos, conflict and disunity will never stop until we are ready to determine the future path we must chart.

To whoever is reading this piece, open your heart and mind to think deep, so as to answer these questions I keep asking myself: ” WILL NIGERIA EVER WORK? ARE WE TRULY INDEPENDENT?” For even the country we profess to be citizens of is not of our own creation and not all Nations within this Entity profess to be Nigerians. Some call themselves Biafrans, vociferously advocating for a Republic of Theirs despite suffering vehement oppositions and the wrath of the “forces” that gain from a united rather than a divided Nigeria. Some see themselves as Jihadists advancing the course of Islam and establishing a caliphate by killing to conquer as in the days of Othman Danfodio, Some see themselves as marauding and lawless forces, cancerous to the growth and development of civilization as they destroy farming villages in their infamous cattle crusades to establish a Cattle Empire where the lives of cattle are worth more than that of Humans, Some profess to be descendants of Oduduwa and are thus silently and subtlety advocating for their own Republic, while majority are simply confused and left in the dark, they are lost in time, still trying to figure out why these Entity has failed after 59 years, they have been asking why we are still together if we cannot reach common grounds on important national issues, they are still asking why we are still killing ourselves, basking in the pool of hatred, envy, nepotism and tribalism. Well, I belong to that school of thought still seeking answers to the problems with Nigeria. A generation simply tired with how things have fared so far, a generation simply tired of the negativity associated with the name call Nigeria, the name has closed rather than open doors for her citizens who find themselves abroad. It is best to state the obvious and adhere to the truth, rather than seeking solace in lies and deception which only plunges the country into further decay and impoverishment.
It is time to know if this marriage is feasible or else, we all file for a divorce. The United States stood the test of time because from the onset, they agreed to stick together, they fought a civil war which further sealed their unity, they had a common destiny firmly rooted in the American dream and they all saw a bright future ahead for their union, this was why they stuck together.
I conclude by stating: Nigeria was built on a foundation which has been destroyed, this is why our economic, political and social structures will forever be British and foreign to the various nations that inhabit the land mass called Nigeria………


I salute those Thinking minds that took time out to read this essay written in my self-exile somewhere in Ghana.
I salute the true Nationalists and Pan-Africans advancing the course of freedom for all Africans from mental and economic slavery.
I salute the children of God advancing the course of the Gospel on the mission field and fighting injustice in the society. For our God is a true and Just Father

October 1st, 2019